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Review and Rating System

You may be wondering what my criteria and system are when I rate books. Well, you came to the right place!

Here’s my basic system:

Five Stars
I absolutely loved the book. It had a strong plot, excellent writing, and developed characters who grow throughout the story. I recommend this book to everyone. I rarely give anything five stars, but that doesn’t mean I disliked the book.

Four Stars
I really, really liked the book. It had a good plot, satisfying ending, and was enjoyable to read. The characters were well developed and relatable, and the writing was pretty good. I would recommend this book as an entertaining read,

Three Stars
I liked the book well enough and thought it was okay. The plot had a few holes or didn’t always make sense, and I didn’t love the characters. The writing style was nothing special. I wouldn’t tell anyone not to read it, but it wouldn’t be at the top of my list to recommend. Usually I give a book three stars if I dislike the writing style, find a lot of grammatical errors, or don’t connect with any of the characters. I usually still enjoy the books I rate three stars.

Two Stars
I didn’t like the book. The plot was weak or overly confusing, I didn’t like the characters, and I didn’t enjoy reading it. The writing was poor. I may not have finished the book. I would not recommend the book to anyone.

One Star
I hated the book. The plot was frustrating, I disliked the characters, and reading it made me want to jump off a cliff. The writing style was garbage. I most likely did not finish the book for the sake of my own sanity. I could not find anything remotely redeemable about the story or writing.

Any reviews and ratings I post are my own opinion and are not meant to be taken personally. Plenty of people may enjoy a story that I do not. I love to discuss books with other people, especially if you hold a different opinion on it. I try to be polite with reviews but will also be honest.

Have an adventurous day!


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