June Book Haul

Hello lovely! I have been looking at buying some sequels and new books for a while now, and yesterday I finally went on a trip to get some of them. Here’s the stack: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare (Finally reading a Shadowhunters book. Wish me luck!) The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jaqueline Kelly TheContinue reading “June Book Haul”

Book Review: The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Hello beautiful! I have heard quite a bit about the Folk of the Air series, both good and bad (mostly good, though). I’ve always loved faerie tales and stories about the Folk, especially ones from Ireland and Scotland. There have been several popular series lately that use involve the Fae, most notably A Court ofContinue reading “Book Review: The Cruel Prince by Holly Black”

May Book Haul + Bookshelf Reorganizing

Hello beautiful! Life has been a little crazy for me lately (which is why I haven’t posted in two weeks whoops), but it’s been a lot of fun! My local bookstores reopened recently, and I have done a fair amount of book shopping as a result. I’m mostly trying to complete series I own alreadyContinue reading “May Book Haul + Bookshelf Reorganizing”

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