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A Beginning

Our lives tend to be rather crazy. There’s always something to get done, someplace to be. As we move through this hectic cycle, it’s east to get discouraged and lose sight of what’s important.

One of the best ways to combat this easy nothingness, this simple drifting along is reading. See, stories give us hope and take our emotions on rollercoaster rides. They motivate us, energize us, and strengthen us. Stories are more important than we give them credit for.

I’m a student, and some of my favorite things in my room are my bookshelves. I have two— one is tall and skinny, and the other is short and wide. They are overflowing with books. I can barely fit them all on there.

No matter how many books I have, I can’t imagine getting rid of any. They hold my memories and have comforted me when I was upset or sad. Stories remind me of things long forgotten and help keep me focused and creative.

There are plenty of good stories in the world, and plenty of bad ones. Sometimes it’s frustrating, though, to spend precious free time on a book that ends up being bad.

That’s one of the reasons I’m starting this blog. I’d like to help anyone else on their search for the next book that will rock their world, calm them down, warm their insides, or have them on the edge of their seat. I’ll be posting book thoughts and reviews as regularly as I can for the benefit of all you fellow readers out there.

Thank you for visiting this blog. Let’s see where this goes!


Published by Blue

I always have a book in my hands or zipped up in my bag. I'll probably read through the apocalypse and not realize what's happened.

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